10 tips to choose the best digital transcription services

Transcription is generally referred as the workhorse of a Virtual Assistant. Generally,digital transcriptioncan be classified into three broad categories namely; General, medical and legal.

The importance of a transcribed document cannot be underestimated. The transcribed text can be used in various forms like an eBook, as blog posts or simple as article in the goodwill of a company or business.

If you are seeking to offer transcription as your service then you must have these ten points in mind to be a distinctive in the digital transcription genre.

The Typing Factor- For an efficient transcriber you must be flawless in your typing speed so that you can type in the task on time and with accuracy.

Robust Hearing Skills- If you are unable to hear properly then digital transcription is not a task for you. For a good digital transcription you must possess sharp hearing abilities, so that you can type in the correct content that’s been recorded.

Proper tools- If you have the task in hand and don’t have the proper tools like quality headphones or players then it can cause delay in your work, which no one wants. So check your tools prior picking a task.

Get handy with Transcription Software- You can use some free or paid transcription tool to make the task easier for you. One of such tools is Express Scribe; you can try some other as well to get the task done.

The Accuracy Factor- Typing fast is not the only thing that transcription requires; flawless typing also holds equal importance in transcription.

Be Familiar with Client- Know the work pattern, how the client likes the task done and deliver it that way. It builds credibility.

Be Comfortable- Make yourself comfortable firstly. Because, only then you can concentrate on the task properly.

Fee Pattern- Preferably opt for hourly fee pattern, check how long does ti take to complete a task and then bill the client accordingly.

Check Audio Quality- Check the audio quality as soon as you get the project, so that you can point out the flaws (If any).

Keep these points in mind while offering your service and you will see the results yourself.